Gift a Cow

Cows are the source of income for poor women. This project was started 10 years back to empower rural poor women. 11 cows have been gifted to 11 poor women.  Now they are happy that they can earn a living for themselves.

The poor women are widows, unwed mothers, women with handicapped or sickly husbands with many children. They have to work hard to bring up the children. The Free cow will help them to earn their living.

Here is the cost breakdown of a cow:

Donation DetailsCost in INR
A cow with insurance premium of Rs.50036000.00
Conveyance sourcing of a cow500.00
Brokerage fee600.00
Auto charge for transporting the cow1000.00
Feed for 6 months3000.00
Feedback cost100.00
Total INR41200.00

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