Housing for the Homeless

There is a big need to build free houses for the homeless families in these rural areas. The homeless families are not able to save money to build houses for themselves. The medical expenses eat away their earnings. So they need free houses built for them. Sponsor the construction of a house for a homeless family.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

Donation DetailsQuantityCost in INR
Cement200 bags X 36072000.00
Bricks12000 X 784000.00
Sand12 units X 500060000.00
Metal Stones4 units X 500020000.00
Big Stones5 units X 400020000.00
Iron Rods300 kg X 8024000.00
Mason Labor50 men X 50025000.00
Concrete Labor30 men X 35010500.00
Coolie Labor100 men X 30030000.00
Extra Fittings2 doors & 4 Wins30000.00
Painting100kg powder, paint & Labour30000.00
Admin Costs 3000.00
Feedback cost 500.00
Total INR 409,000.00

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