Free Medical Camp for the Poor

In the villages around the trust, many of the people are poor.  They are hard workers but unable to save their earnings due to their vast medical expenses because, everyone has got some disease or other.  The trust has planned to conduct free medical camp once a month in poor villages.

With the sponsorship of Give India, 46 free medical camps have been conducted.

Diseases like headache, fever, cold, leg pain, knees pain, skin disease, ulcer, gastric problems, neck pain, asthma, urinary trouble, neurotic problems, stroke, sugar and pressure problems, and bodily wounds have been treated.  All are tested for temperatures, pulses, pressures and sugars.  Appropriate tablets like Paracetamol for fever and headache, Diclofanec for pains, and sugar and pressure tablets have been given to the patients.  Trips have been given for weaker patients.

Apart from the camp the villagers also come to the trust office dispensary for free medicines.  Now the villagers are happy and confident in their health.  They work hard and save the money for their future life.

Cost breakdown of one day medical camp for the poor

Donation DetailsCost in INR
Medicines of common treatments2500.00
Transporting & procuring medicines300.00
Nurses Salary600.00
Feedback cost100.00
Total INR3500.00

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