Who We Are

The Rosary Trust was created on 17th March 1997 by Mr. C. Jebamalai and Dalit Pope Iruthayaraj Thusnevish with the purpose of rehabilitation of the socially afflicted, the youth, the blind and the disabled without any distinction of age, sex, caste, color, creed, or economic status.

Rosary stands for Rehabilitation Of the Socially Afflicted, the Retarded and the Youth.

We are based in K.Kailasapuram in Tuticorin District of Tamil Nadu, a rural area.  The people are dalits.  They are poor and oppressed.  Rosary Trust works for their upliftment.  Presently it has home for aged, home for blind, education of poor students, women empowerment, housing projects etc. 

Fr. Iruthayaraj Thusnevish, after finishing education of M.A. in sociology and religious studies B.Ph. in philosophy and B.Th. in Theology, realized that the poor, the downtrodden and especially the dalits are not respected by any institution in the world.  They are either neglected or rejected.  Therefore, he in 1997 established Rosary Trust to work towards the abolishing all negative aspects of the world.

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