Rehabilitation Home for the Handicapped

Handicapped persons always need help. Most of them are neglected. They are wandering around without a hope.

There are 50 handicapped persons sheltered.  Most of them are blind.  They are from 4 districts of Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Virudhunagar and Kannyakumari.  There are schools and hostels for the handicapped in these districts, but after their studies they are not settled properly due to lack of proper rehabilitation for them.  This home is a boon for them.

As adults the blind and the handicapped could not run along in normal life in the society.  Still they need some sort of support.  This home for the handicapped is providing such support.  Adult handicapped are sheltered and are given opportunities to work and earn.  They are given food, clothes and medicines as they could not earn enough for themselves.

They are also given vocational training in spinning plastic wire cots and chairs, making candles, making phenols and selling these items.

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