Rosary Home for the Destitute


Rosary Home for the Destitute is a social project run by Rosary Trust from 1996 in K.Kailasapuram in South Tamil Nadu, a rural area where people are poor and backward in every walk of life. Rosary Trust is meant to uplift the poor from all types of inhuman sufferings. It covers about 30 villages in and around K.Kailasapuram.

Aim and Activity

The aim is to feed, to shelter, to clothe, to counsel, to medicate and to bury the abandoned destitute persons in rural areas. About 200 neglected aged have been sheltered and taken care of.  At present there are 50 neglected destitute persons. They are given food, clothes, medicines, counselling and shelter. They are also buried in case no relatives come forward to help.


People of the project area are backward socially, economically and politically. They suffer caste discriminations. Environmentally the area is very hot throughout the year. There is no difference from one season to another. Thus the climate has become bad to worse. The area has not seen a good heavy rain for the last 50 years. There are many aged and persons with different disablities who are neglected and are in need of help.

Home for the neglected aged

Many more aged are coming in. It will reach 100 in this year. They are given free food, shelter, clothes, medicines etc.

All the aged are from the nearby rural villages.  The home is run in the village style.  They are given simple food as to avoid any stomach problems.  Medicines are also provided.  They are clothed as well.  All are done with the help of little donations locally got.  Now from July, 2007, Give India is supporting the home for the aged.

Many aged are abandoned.  They come to our home for the aged.  But we are not able to take them because of lack of donations.  We need to build more halls and more fund to accommodate them.  The rural situations are becoming bad to worse.  There is no rain for the last 35 years due to global heat.  The village farmers can not cultivate anymore.  The families are growing poorer and poorer.   Poverty is creeping into the area like earth worms.

The aged are more vulnerable to the poverty situations.  They are made to work.  They are not respected.  They are not given food.  Finally they are driven out.  They can not go to the cities.  If they go to the city, the homes there do not take them.  Thus the rural aged persons are twice driven out.  Rosary Trust is running a village home for the aged to take care of the rural neglected aged.  This is a twice challenged problem.

Home for the Blind Persons

Presently there are 45 neglected blind persons taken care of.  Many more blind persons are coming in.  They are given free food, shelter, clothes, medicines etc.

Monthly cost for one person

CategorySubCategoryPrice per monthQuantityCost (1 m)
Food 150011500
Fuel 1001100
Medicines 75175
Shelter maintenance 2501250
Vehicle maintenance 1501150
Electricity 1501150
Recreation 1201120
Clothes 1001100
House Rent 2001200
Feedback & Admin cost 1251125
Totals   4170

Other Urgent Requirements

  • 50 Plastic chairs.
  • 50 Beddings.
  • wheel chairs.
  • 2 Laptops.
  • A Plot of Land to build shelters for home in Tirunelveli city.
  • 2 Refrigerators.
  • 2 Washing machines.
  • Furnitures.

Project Funding

The Trust has no fund to maintain Rosary Home for the Destitute.  It maintains the home with local donations which is not enough. The want of outside support is very much needed to look after many poor aged and persons with different disablities and to start other projects to uplift the poor of the area.

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