Who We Help

The beneficiaries of our organisation are some of the most backward destitute. Their condition is bad in many ways:

1. Social Condition

The social condition of the people of the project is very backward. They are no caste or outcaste according to the Indian Hindu traditional caste system. It means that they are no people in the Indian Caste Society. During the last 50 years after independence of India, they were called Harijans (children of God) since Mahatma Gandhi called them so. Now they are known as Daliths. In Indian Constitution, they are categorized as scheduled caste.

2. Economic Condition

Economically the project area people are very poor. They are small-scale farmers. But farming is not producing anything due to lack of rain. 50% of the people are landless. So they are forced to become coolie laborers. The wage is very little for the works they do. Women’s wage is half of what the men would get. Children and women are employed as shepherds.

3. Political Condition

Politically they have no say over the government. They have very little knowledge about laws and rights in government. They have never asked the authorities to give their rights. The political leaders happily call them as silent and peaceful people. None from among the people has rised to a political leadership so far.

4. Religious Condition

They are very religious people. 40% of the people of the area are Christians. The rest are Hindus. There are no Muslims. There are not any communal problems so far. They live in peace. In fact they are related to each other and they marry each other irrespective of religion. In this the Hindu partner becomes Christian. Both Christians and Hindus are more devoted and God fearing.

5. Environmental Condition

The area is very dry and hot throughout the year. In fact, it is very difficult to differentiate from one climate to another. During the last 20 years, there was no heavy rain at all. September and October are the months of monsoon. Last 10 years, monsoon was just 2 light rains. Thus water problem is another worry. Farming is almost nil in the area. The land lay waste and go for growing tropical bush. The global warming has affected the climatic condition of the area to make people poorer and poorer.